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Entre amateurs, découvrons chaque semaine, une propriété et son vin.




For this day after the french presidential election (disappointing or heartening, depending on the political views of each one) … I want to share with you one of my recent discoveries:





What is this?

This is a Japanese alcohol obtained by macerating ripe plums in a mixture of sake and sugar. The maceration takes place for a period of one year or more … the degrees of alcohol grow with the ageing.

Fifty years ago, it was a tradition that Nipponese families use to develop their own “Umeshu” but a lot of traditions are lost.

So, if you want to try to make it by yourself, I suggest that you should do like the flavored rums: heat the sweet sake (220gr sugar to 1 liter of sake) before plunging plums and do not hesitate to”carve-in” the plums. (Choose those plums that are very aromatic … preferably “organic fruit” naturally raised …).

In order to prepare it, you have a recipe available on this website.


The tasting:

“Umeshu Rainbow Plum”

You will be surprised by an alcohol that even though it is shochu-based, it does not attack the palate (it has less “strength” in palate, that the usual sake has) … the attack, on the contrary, fresh and sweet.
Then comes the mid-palate … real explosion of flavors (always sweet) plum, damson or mirabelle … the experience ends with a slight bitterness … still sweet, fresh and quite lovely Razz

Well, you will understand, although I discovered this alcohol by the most incredible coincidence, and I keep a great memories of it (In reality, I even kept the bottle jajaja)


Which dish to accompany the Umeshu?

I personally don’t advise you to match this bottle for desserts, but drink it with sushi / maki, or for those who crave originality, try it with oysters, white meat or a lemon chicken for example.  Razz


Cheers!! Kampaï !!  Wink


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