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Entre amateurs, découvrons chaque semaine, une propriété et son vin.

Château Féret-Lambert

Château Féret-Lambert


Chateau Feret-Lambert


One of the greatest wines of the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation




vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeauxThe origins of Château Feret-Lambert go back to the 19th century with the creation by the Feret family of a large property around a chartreuse bordelaise, an orangery, stables and outbuildings on the heights of Grézillac. Already at that time the area had vineyards but was not 100% dedicated to it since it managed polyculture as all property of the time.

Today five generations later, Feret-Lambert still belongs to the family Feret and more specifically to Henry and Valerie Feret well as Olivier Sulzer. The vineyard was completely destroyed during the 1980s has been replanted in the early 2000s by O. Sulzer.

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-13What makes the typicality of Château Feret-Lambert is its limestone soil. Indeed, the vines of the property are above an old quarry which has the effect of giving wines with slightly higher acidity than elsewhere it allows them to have a beautiful freshness in mouth.

While visiting the property you will also realize that the hosting winery / chests building is fully integrated / slid into the hollow of the quarry. This cavity with conditions of optimal temperature and water quantity is used as chai farmed for wine barrels.

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-19Regarding the integrated part of its wood siding building from the property. Indeed, following a storm that occurred in the 1990s the cedar property fell. Sulzer Olivier and Henry Feret then decided to recycle the left overs by using the property for construction of cellars.

Recycling much with the barrels used for aging the wine are made with oak from the property.

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-1In recent years Feret-Lambert also offers a service of Bed and Breakfast in a cocooning atmosphere established by Valérie Feret. Completely redone spaces in which the key words are “friendly” and “warm.” Exhibitions of decorative objects or art are regularly implemented. This set of services and experience has also allowed the property to get a Best Of Wine Tourism in 2008.

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-8Where does the name and the logo of the Château Feret-Lambert come from?

When the family wanted Feret file name Lambert they realized that “Chateau Lambert” was already introduced / used by another property. They decided to add the name “Feret” before. This was possible because Henry Feret, co-owner of the castle down from the founding family of the famous publishing house of the eponymous guide.

Regarding the logo, the stylized rose has always been the emblem of the property. This rose is particularly present on the portal of the Château Feret-Lambert.

 Meeting with Olivier Sulzer, co-owner of Chateau Feret-Lambert

Video Fr / En

Video Fr / En

“I love the vine ! I am deeply a winemaker. I work in the vineyard for nearly 50 years. My passion is mostly for the vine / the plant. Apart from the vine itself that there are extraordinary in winemaking is the preservation and processing of natural juice. The vintage effect, which allows us to remember the year when wine we drink is also a fact that excites me in wine.

A Feret-Lambert we like to keep our identity. We want to stay a small mark despite the current mode is the expansion properties.” (Olivier Sulzer

Do you think that there are good and bad years like some journalists think that it was the case with the 2013 vintage ?

Definitely not! If you have a good local one will make a good wine even small years.” (Olivier Sulzer)

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-14What are you looking for each year during the creation of your wines ? 

We do what it takes to support our wines, they express the typical character Feret -Lambert lively, fruity and long finish. What is important is to have a good raw material from the base. We need to intervene in the vineyard to the cellar just as when necessary, to accompany the wine and not the score.

vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-9We want to ensure that our wines are not on forested. The barrel must bring complexity and non take over the source / fruit. I also regret that at present there is a drift it with wine on wooded due to overuse of the barrel which will mask the aromas of the fruit or the use of alternatives to the barrel.” (Olivier Sulzer)


Some features:

  • 20 hectares of which 11 are planted with vines and 9 hectares of forest
  • Terroir: Trays and clay-limestone rock types on a chalky. Also the presence of many fossilized corals, rich in trace elements.vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-30
  • Manual harvest
  • Product labels 2 : Château Feret-Lambert (AOC Bordeaux Supérieur) and Costes du Chateau Feret-Lambert (AOC Bordeaux Supérieur)
  • produces 600,000 bottles per year
  • grape varieties : 95 % Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • practical conventional farming (vendanges vertes, tillage, limiting inputs, manual lifting and stripping … etc)
  • Ageing : 6 months in oak barrels (French oak) two wines for the Costes du Chateau Feret-Lambert and 15/18 months in oak barrels (30 % new) French oak for Chateau Feret-Lambert


Side anecdote : The Chais de la Madeleine

vert-de-vin-chai-madeleine-caveWe want to have a local image. This is why in our Cellars ‘Les Chais de la Madeleine’ we offer to consumers between 40 and 50 wines from Libourne. Our range of wine is a good way to discover the different terroirs of Libourne in one place.” Raw that are selected for the quality of wines but also for philosophy winemaker.

“It also provides , for those wishing to drink anything other than wines of Saint Emilion or Castillon, a wine appellation in other regions.” Wines that are also selected for their quality but also for the man behind it.

Recommended for all wine enthusiasts!

Side tasting : (February 2014)

  • vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-superieur-2008Chateau Feret-Lambert 2008Bordeaux Supérieur : A fruity wine, rich, full, focused and balanced. It reveals notes of ripe red fruit combined with woody notes. The attack is on the crushed red fruit (strawberry, raspberry). The palate is fresh and fleshy. In the mouth it also expresses ripe, spices. The tannins are present but relatively well integrated and fused. A “favorite wine“ Heart Heart

Serve accompanied by a recipe for Duck And Hazelnut Pate En Croute.


  • vert-de-vin-chateau-feret-lambert-bordeaux-superieurChateau Feret-Lambert 2010Bordeaux Supérieur : The nose combines the fruity aromas of Merlot associated with spices. A beautiful material mouth, soft, balance  depth and freshness. In the mouth this wine shows notes of cassis, ripe, red berries blackberries, crushed strawberries combined with spices (especially vanilla) and light floral notes. A long and especially pretty spicy final. A “favorite wine“ Heart

In pairings and wine I suggest a beef tartare.


Thanks to Olivier Sulzer and Guéna de Beauregard for the hospitality.


Jonathan Choukroun Chicheportiche


Château Féret-Lambert

Grézillac, 33420


Website of the Château Féret-Lambert 

Website for the Bed & Breakfast 

Website of the “Chais de la Madeleine

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